Video game developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive are announcing that the After Dark expansion for Cities: Skylines will be launched on CSGO AWP Skins the PC on September 24 of this year, via digital distribution for the price of 14.99 dollars or Euro.

The biggest new addition coming to the city builder is the introduction of nighttime as a period that s important from a gameplay point of view, with gamers getting a range of new options when it comes to construction and development.

Colossal Order states, Each and every building in the game received a new texture layer to have the windows light up nicely. Also there are new lighted signs, neon signs and other lights to make the city look interesting during the night. The sun rises and sets, painting the sky with bright colours, you can see the moon and stars move across the night sky.

During the night cycle for Cities: Skylines citizens tend to Buy All CSGO Skins stay mostly inside, but there are those who work the night shift, and there are other entertainment buildings that can attract their attention.